[Request]modify a Socket 754 mobo's BIOS firmware to set date back before 2004

Hello friends,

I have a motherboard, the model is ECS K8M800-M3, a socket 754 old motherboard, Lenovo’s OEM.

Since the motherboard is released after 2004, it was hard-coded that the earliest date it can set is 2004-01-01, that means I cannot set date back such as 2001, 2002, etc.

The BIOS is Award, can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/#!jZNCAIKC

Could someone please help me by modify the BIOS, remove the limit of date setting?

Thank you so much!

I am sorry, but i just have to ask :slight_smile:
why on earth do you want to set the BIOS date to year 2001?

Some beta software I need to use have timebomb, that means if bios date is not 2002/2003 they just refuse to boot, that’s the reason😄

This may fix that for you >> See PM
Run it, locate the beta software exe your having this date issue with, create new software exe, use this one to launch (or edit launch shortcut to use this one)

If that does not help, I will see if I can edit BIOS for you. If it comes to that, please upload to another host, Mega.NZ does not work for me anymore (3-4 weeks now, never loads, or loads blank pages)


Friend I’m so thankful for the tool you have gave me. however the software, or even some Operating System I need to install cannot work with this tool, so I’ve re-upload the BIOS to OneDrive:


If you are free, can you take the time to help me edit the BIOS?

Offer my highest respect!


I wish I could help mod the BIOS but I’d like to offer a suggestion on what you could try to confirm your BIOS date is hard locked.

I found this post very interesting. You must be trying to install a BETA OS. All BIOS I thought could handle going all the way back to 1-1-1980.

Are you certain you can’t adjust the date?

In Windows, RUN

then at the prompt type


hit ENTER key

then type in


hit ENTER key

type DATE again

hit ENTER key

it should show


Check your Windows Clock and it should show the date is 01-01-1980.

I think I might have a laptop that starts on a specific date if the CMOS battery is dead but you should still be able to change the date all the way back to 1-1-1980. If you’re in real DOS just type in DATE and hit ENTER.
1-1-1980 or if you want your date use

and it should have changed.

Make sure you have a new CMOS battery so it will remember the old date after it reboots.

@huoqianyu - do you have flash programmer to recover in case something goes wrong with mod BIOS flash (or bad mod BIOS)?
I have modified BIOS for you, but I can’t confirm it’s OK other than checking in several software tools, but this is not ideal at all and you should really have flash programmer in hand and confirmed OK backup made before you flash in mod BIOS.
However, if you want it I can send to you, let me know and do keep in mind it may brick the board or you could spend $5-7 and get a programmer setup first and not have to worry about that.


Wow, Thank you SO much for modify the BIOS for me!

I have some BIOS chip in which flashed original BIOS, so I don’t so worry about bricking my board, and in case my motherboard is broken, I will not have any dissatisfaction with you. On the contrary, I only have the gratitude.

Can I trouble you to send the modified BIOS to me? Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

@huoqianyu - You’re welcome! Good to hear you have other BIOS that you know has good working copy of this BIOS just in case something is wrong with mod BIOS.
Also, if this BIOS does brick, I can do the mod again and not change the date in bootblock (This is the one that made me worry it may brick). There is two other date locations that I edited as well, those I think would not cause bricked BIOS as much as the bootblock edit.
Here is file, if it bricks let me know and I will make you new edit without the bootblock date changed and we’ll see if that one bricks or not too. Old BIOS is tricky, methods to edit are slim, and old in my mind what works and what doesn’t, so more of a risk than modern BIOS