[Request] MS Surface Book 2 BIOS Repair

Hello. I have a problem with my SB2. The bios file is corrupt. When i try to power on, the screen stays on with Microsoft logo for 3 seconds and powering off. I searched for a similar dump bios and after more files, i found one which ”works”. The problem is that it will boot only when i”m heating the chip at 80degree. It will boot and work. When i restart, it won”t boot only when reheating the chip. I tried with another chip, the same problem. I tried to clearME and replace ME at my bios, at the working only with heat ic, but unsuccesfully. Please help. I will give what info you need. For moment, i will upload my dump bios which si bad and the working bios with IC heated. The OEM chip was W25Q128JV and now i”m using W25Q128FV with wires for easy flashing. Could be a problem that? From datasheet is different only the form. Thank you.

Bios SB2 dump.rar (3.62 MB)

Bios SB2 found.rar (3.62 MB)

Both dumps are 100% identical regarding FD, ME and static parts in bios region, differences are just in NVRAM (‘settings’).

Which chip do you have to warm up? The bios chip itself?

yes, the bios chip itself. tried with another chip, and the same problem, need to be heated to boot… very strange. thanks

Check the voltages for the chip.

it”s 3.3v…

I’m sorry then, out of ideas.