[Request] MSI B450M BAZOOKA MAX WIFI, option to disable hpet


If possible, please mod the 7C87v11 bios to have hpet switch exposed, I would like to have the ability to disable/enable hpet by myself, thank you.

Motherboard page: msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450M-BAZOOKA-MAX-WIFI
Bios download link: download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7C87v11.zip

As for flashing modded bios is there anything to look out for or it is just same procedure as regular bios update

@void77 - Here you go, flash per normal via BIOS on USB using M-Flash from within the BIOS - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…242938941011697
Do not rename the file, at first anyway, unless you already know you can, some MSI BIOS it’s OK, but only you can find out if M-Flash will accept BIOS with other name
HPET is located at >> Settings >> Advanced >> Integrated Peripherals (below HD Audio)

Thank you @Lost_N_BIOS , I will test this out as soon as possible and report how it goes

@void77 - You’re welcome!

Flashing and setting it up went without problems, huge thanks again. Just curious, after disabling hpet in bios, shouldn’t it also dissapear in device manager? picture

@void77 - Thanks for quick report back
No, with modern boards and Win10, it will always be shown in device manager due to how BIOS and Windows uses this now
Please see my HPET comments, testing, and test image here under change log area

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS ,

Hope you are doing well and this pandemic does not affect you. I would like to know your opinion and observations on how bios modifications/settings affect system latency, to be exact interrupt to process latency measured by an application Latencymon ver7.00, for example, does updating the version of bios modules : network adapter, storage controller module or even microcode itself has any impact on latency. I’am trying to find the root cause of why my systems latency is spiking, I have attempted to disable most of the system components from device manager, however that has no effect, therefore I assume it is either hardware related or bios related. I will upload my results, if possible please compare them, or share yours here, Thank you.

To sum it up, as seen from the picture my system usually spikes up to 400us, I would like to prevent that



@void77 - Hey! Yes, I’m doing well, thanks for asking! Hopefully this stuff will end soon, with all the vaccines coming out around the world now!
Sorry, I can’t really help or comment too much about the stuff your asking. Other than to say YES, every little thing can affect latency, BIOS and it’s millions of things/contents/modules, ANY software or driver you install in windows (ANY), BIOS settings, hardware enabled/disable etc.

If I were you, I would first test on a 100% clean windows install, with ZERO programs or drivers installed, see if the issue remains

I don’t have this board, so my results wouldn’t be a good comparison… But, this is what I have on Win10 on a Z390M-Gaming, with 50 tabs open, VMWare running
Your first image there says everything is fine?