[REQUEST] msi ge63 raider 8rf fix smbios error

when i use AMIDEDOS.exe in FREEDOS to change my serial numbers i get smbios error, i read that i can use the AMIDEDOS when i unlock my bios, so can you please unlock my msi ge63 raider 8rf bios settings so i can use this tool, thanks


bios name: E16P5IMS.110

and these are the steps to change the serials:

-Format your flash as FREEDOS with Rufus. -Throw
all the files into the flash
-Coming to the boot menu, boot the flash WITHOUT UEFI
-The following are the commands you will follow in order;

amidedos.exe /su /bs /ss
amidedos.exe /su auto
amidedos.exe /bs "Here we just paste the motherboard serial number opposite the /bs command above by 2-3 digits and paste it to the same length"
amidedos.exe /ss "Here is the system serial number opposite the /ss command just above We paste the number with the same length by changing 2-3 digits"