[Request] MSI GT70 2QD Dominator BIOS Microcode update

Hello, I’m having a problem with updating micocodes for CPU in bios of my laptop.
I used UBU and updated all microcodes and firmwares that I could. But the main problem is I can’t flash new BIOS. If I’m flashing modded bios via bios itself it tells me that it could not be flashed. I’ve started to google and found that I could try to make a backup of the BIOS with afuwin64 for aptio 4. I tried that too but no luck - it shows me error code №18. So, could someone make a proper modded bios or to find a way of flashing my variant of the rom.
I used E1763IMS.51D BIOS version as a base for modding
Thanks in advance!

So. Just for history I’ve managed to flash modded bios. I’ve found guide on this site how to disable bios flashing lock using amisetupwrite and it worked flawlessly.