[Request] MSI H110M PRO-D Unlock BIOS settings

Hello, I’m new to BIOS modding and not really confident at it. I know that even if a expert does the work, there could still be the chance of bricking the Motherboard. The motherboard is a MSI H110M PRO-D. I would like to get some options unlocked in the BIOS:

Disable or Enable iGPU - since I have a GPU installed and running all my monitors from that.
CPU Voltage options (VCore,VCCIO)- I have a locked non-K CPU. I would like the ability to undervolt straight from the BIOS and not undervolt by using programs like ThorttleStop or Intel’s XTU. Helps lower temps
Disable or Enable storage drives - This is especially useful in my work use as I reinstall Windows a lot.

Thanks in advance