[Request] MSI H410 BIOS unlocked + 11th Gen Microcodes

Hi, i bought msi infinite mag s ready pc. This pc become H410 motherboard and i5 10400f (10th gen) and i want to upgrade 11700 or 11900. But even latest bios, msi didn’t support 11th gen for this pc (mainboard).

By the way i’m still using 10400f now, so if its possible 10th and 11th microcodes stay together in bios file? And If its possible i want unlocked profile because its using SODIMM ram and bios can’t let them overclock RAM or CPU. Thanks a lot.


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Lost_N_BIOS as been away from earlier this year, wait for someone to mod it for u or try yourself.

Seems that most of the H410 chipsets will not support the 11th Gen processors, mostly the B460/Z490 r able to, so what u want may not be valid.

As always there r some risks of flashing mod bios and break the system, i do recommend BEFORE any other operations, to make backups of ur SPI. By AMI utilities, FPT and CH341 programmer, as it seems that u do not have
Bios Flashback function.
Asus security features could deny the use of mod bios files to be flashed, so u must check if u have ur current spi bios regions locked, for FPT use u must disable this.
The tool UBU can update ur current mCODES, AMI MMTool can add the available mcodes A0660/1 and A0670/1, this doesn’t mean ur motherboard will boot with a new cpu as it can require further modules/features in bios structure.
As for the unlock XMP u can try AMIbcp but its not guaranteed.

DO NOT procede if ur not familiar with the use of this tools, correct backups and the use of a CH341 programmer.

EDIT: Sry, forgot was a MSI board, seems that u already know everything to it…no tools needed and easy patching as u say… so go for it!

My ready pc’s bios can be flashing by AFUWINx64 (inside the msi shared .rar file on official website) msi provided.

So i think its possible easy patching and no need to tools.

I know H410 not supported because intel side, but its not blocked (like ME firmware)

I didn’t know Lost_N_BIOS goes away, sorry for that. If anyone can help, i’ll appreciate that. I can’t donate on paypal because paypal forbidden in my country.

Are you know any program like CoffeeTime? I already know how to use CoffeeTime, but its not fit on 10/11th gens as you knew.


Ok friend,
WarMeat replied so we can try to make few things on this bios, but we can try, use this tool , run as Admin and upload the result file :


let me know

Thank you for helping. I was upload the result file.


@BDMaster Did you get a look to file?

No so far, i haven’t download , now i will get and look it.
I will reply quickly

So the Chipset is not compatible with 11gen.

Intel officially announces that B460 and H410 chipsets won’t support Rocket Lake chips !

Your is an MSI H410M motherboards and bios is almost unlocked on MSI.

So Microcode it’s not possible … as said “MeatWar”, he described well the possibility.

Do You want to use the Coffetime tool , but all workaround is a lot of time waste.

if u didnt unlocked it yet try alt right-cntrl right-shif all 3 together then press F2 on bios screen . It fully unlocked mine… Gluck

how can i use amibcp to unlock xmp pls help