[Request] MSI MEG X399 BIOS with Sam/Resize-Bar

Hello guys!

I have an x399 msi meg creation I wanted to add SAM/RESIZE-BAR functionality

I’m looking for:
- Someone to tell me if it is even possible on TR4/X399
- Either for someone to help me mod in resizable bar
- or to make me a resizable bar bios

I know that people have been doing mods for x370 and AM4 platform, but I am yet to hear anyone do it for x399 and it would be of huge help for me.

UEFI extract dump attached
(this is an already modded bios by 1usmus 1.42v2)

I am unsure if this is ethical on the forum as I am new here, but I can donate to you or your favorite foundation if you would to help me get such a bios.

142v2.rom.report.txt (253 KB)


Our BIOS modding Guru Lost_N_BIOS hasn’t been online for several days.

Thanks for the info