[Request] MSI P45/P45D3 Platinum and P45 Diamond UEFI Bioses

Hello! I’ve been at my maximum on finding these uefi bioses, and i dont have any clue about where to download this bios and how to flash it from LEGACY Bios. I’ve tried wayback machine but no clue, cant even download the file or even know how to upgrade to UEFI bios from legacy. If anyone does have the motherboard UEFI Bioses file and know how to flash from legacy, please let me know.

Wayback Machine:

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Here are the links:
1. >MSI P45 Platinum BIOS<
2. >MSI P45D3 Platinum BIOS<
3. >MSI P45 Diamond BIOS<
By the way - none of them is an UEFI BIOS.

@Fernando , these are not the ones that needed.

@Koekieezz , for now I only have 2 of 3 requested BIOS and another one is nowhere to be found, but one some chinese forum (paid). Would it be better if I pay for the BIOS for "P45 Platinum" or should I give you what I have already?

@Sweet_Kitten no need to pay for anything, you could give what you have. By the way, do you know how to flash these bioses? since wayback machine cant load the images on how to do legacy to uefi, and uefi to legacy. all i know is only P5Q Deluxe that does have UEFI Bios, do you know any other LGA 775 mobo that used to have UEFI bios? this is kinda interesting :smiley:

@Fernando P45 Diamond, Platinum, and D3 Platinum does have beta uefi bioses, but i cant find it and know how to flash it.

MSI P45 Platinum
MSI P45 Diamond

The search was performed on archive names from the waybackmachine saved copy of site.

BIOS with index “E” in filename, according to information from the network, are flashed using the MSIFLASH program for DOS. And BIOS with index “A” in filename are flashed with “AFUDOS”. MSI P45 Diamond never had an “E” BIOS but that doesn’t mean the ones posted on the support page are the only ones.

thanks @Sweet_Kitten this is such an information! Also do you have the MSIFLASH for DOS you did said?

Try the one that is in E7513IMS.rar.

EDIT: Just found out that MSI had another utility with identical name but for flashing compact disk drives. Of course, it is not intended for BIOS flashing. And out of my ignorance, I put this particular utility in the archive. But now I’ve replaced it.