Request - MSI Pro 22XT 10M 016US unlock anything available in the BIOS

Yeah, this is a weird one. This is an All-In-One desktop PC, pretty low end model but I’m a tinkerer and I do like to tinker. I have no access to any of the normal desktop PC BIOS stuff like memory speed/timings, voltages, power limits, etc. Honestly I’m pretty fine without having access to power limits and voltages since this is a pretty much appliance PC but since I am limited to iGPU graphics I would enjoy having some say over memory speed and timing and voltage so I can wring the most out of it for years to come. The board is a H410 chipset with an AMI Bios, here’s the latest BIOS from MSI and here’s what I read from the PC since I’m not sure which is better for someone to work with. I tried to open the BIOS I read with AMIBCP but I got an error with v. 4.55 “Maximum number of strings per section exceeded. Setup configuration and BIOS strings tabs will not be shown” and then with v. 5.02 “Language name present in the ROM file exceeds 0x08 in length. Setup tabs and BIOS Strings tab will not be shown”. I did some Googling about those errors but things quickly got way above my level of comprehension. UBU could open the BIOS and show me some things but again beyond my level of comprehension really fast. I don’t know if what I’m asking for is possible, I completely understand if it’s not. - Google Drive From MSI the latest BIOS
MSIPRO22MEDIT.rom - Google Drive Read from the PC

I’m brand new here so please let me know if I’m doing this right, I’m terribly sorry if I’m not. I’ve spent the last couple days trying to read and learn but I feel like I’ve kind of exhausted what I can find out about this pertaining to what I want to do, seems like most people wanted to run an 11th gen CPU in their H410 boards and I guess CPU microcode is easier to tinker than unlocking extra stuff? Asking here is kind of a long shot tho, I see lots of these that haven’t any answers and I understand people do this in their spare time out of kindness.