[Request]MSI trident X 10th(z490i unify) 11th CPU support.


msi Trident x 10th PC equipped z490i unify, but MSI does not provide 11th CPU support. I have tried using uefitool to add the microcode from the Retail version of z490i unify(it’s not working), and used fptw64 to flash the retail version bios of z490i, it can boot up and work perfectly with uhd750 but the pcie gpu can’t work with i5 11600k(The strange thing is that the 10th CPU with pcie gpu works perfectly).
The BIOS files you can download links. the first link is the bios file i have add the microcode.
Could someone give me some guidance?

Since u already wrecked it once… go ahead put the MEi 14.1 instead of the 14.0 and u may have lucky

EDIT: No i cant give u more directions…its hard coded then in bios or hw design that prevents it.

@MeatWar not work, I found the me firmware between trident and retail version are the same. can you give me some direction?

@shaohui Did you have any luck with this BIOS update? I also have a trident X 10th and would love to upgrade the Custom trident bios to the retail bios for 11th gen support and other updates.

Wiithout motherboard specific patching for PCIe 4.0 it won’t be possible.

The MEG Trident X 10th motherboard is not exactly the same as the MEG Z490I UNIFY likely resulting in your crossflash failing to enable the PCIe slots.

You could try emailing MSI Support and requesting an updated BIOS.

Yes, I solved. I get the official beta BIOS. And you can also just force flash retail z490i BIOS by using AMI tool. but If flashing fails(oveeclock blue screen/power shutdown), MSI’s BIOS chip packaging is a disaster


@shaohui I am pleased to hear that you solved the issue - thanks for reporting back.

Is there any chance you could upload the official beta BIOS for others?

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Just give me your email.
In fact I think retail BIOS have better experience. And one thing you need notice. the original rise card may not support pcie 4.0 due to electrical properties.