[Request] MSI Z390-A Pro BIOS with Unlocked Settings

Try this one again !


dayum…you are very great bios modder.


everything unlocked.

thank you so much man.

maybe one day i learn this too but i doubt it…im way to stupid for this things.

but its great that people like @genius239 exist.

dude can you help me with 1 option more maybe ?

i read on one forum that it is possible to change Intel ICC spread% and set it to value 255.

this menu is visible but there only this ICC profile setting inside:

here this spread% option im looking for.

There isn’t a option name Intel ICC under sub-menu “Intel ICC” , you should provide the correct option mane , i can only see options “Clock Frequency” and " Spread %" can be adjust the value under the Intel ICC.

Sorry ,i’m going to bed, it’s 12:25 a.m now.
I will offline.


sorry…i edit now my previous comment.

yes the spread% i need.

but np man.

sleep well.

and thanks for the nice job and unlock all the other settings.

@genius239 you really are genius man, thank you SO much for your time and help, amazing work really!

like my friend says spread % option would be nice bonus if possible some time in future maybe, but again thank you so much! incredible !

Will this SCEWIN_64 work for Asus rog motherboards when I IMPORT them? Because it looks decent when I EXPORTED the settings.


Here is a test mod for unlock icc.
Please respond to the result.



yep its visible now but grayed out…

only possible to enable/disable watchdog timer.

Try this mod again.

@genius239 Do you think this tool "SCEWIN" would be possible to use for my motherboard and unlocking these RFI features?
ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI CODE (Z390), or can you mod this bios as well?


okay this mod caused some funny bugs and freezes when i try to click on Settings or OC when in advanced mode.

then i noticed 2 and 1 number near xmp button that was not before there but it is possible to click on them.

when i hover over boot priority and usb then i see this under them V.

another bug is that when i make some changes and go out of bios then it says: you have not made any changes…

edit: and the flashing process was some faster with that mod than usually compared to the other…

i flashed right now back to the previous mod and the funny bugs gone.

It’s weird !
Try this one again.



only spread% still grayed out.

Here is last mod.
Now mod is in here.


you are rly genius @genius239

thank you so much.

hey again genius, link says "This file is available for Premium Users only" for me when I was going to test now, any chance to upload this E7B98IMS_7.rar somewhere I can also download it?

again thank you so much for all the time and energy you put in this !

you are the best.

edit: blackmagix sent me file so is ok, but maybe for other users with same motherboard who want to test can upload to non-premium link, but anyway again thank you SO much !

Mod download link >> click here

Updated new mod link at 20240330
click here

Can you please re upload file with modded bios for z390? File is missing from this link.
Or maybe you can upload patched AMIBCP version to mod z390 a pro motherboard bios.

Hi, do you still have the firmware mod? The link doesn’t open ;p

love u