[Request] MSI Z390-A Pro BIOS with Unlocked Settings

Hello everyone, if it is ok I will also tag some people I saw that maybe can help me with this, but of course everyone is welcome to help!


this is my motherboard: msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z390-A-PRO
and I am currently using the latest BIOS version available on MSI website for my model Z390-A Pro, which is Version 7B98v1D with release date 2021-02-08.

I would like some help with unlocking the following 3 hidden features/settings on my MSI Z390-A Pro motherboard bios:

1. RFI Spread Spectrum Settings, the default on my BIOS is "enabled" at 1.5 % value, but hidden from user/invisible in BIOS, but I can see it when analyzing the BIOS file with UEFI tools etc,
this is a setting that in my BIOS can be set to 0,5%, 1%, 1,5% (default) , 2% , 3%, 4%, 5%, and maximum value is 6%, I can’t see any 0% or fully disabled setting.
I would like to have this menu unlocked, and if that is not possible for some reason, I want to try 6% maximum value.

here is screenshot of the hidden RFI Spread Spectrum menu/options:

and here screenshot of same hidden menu in BIOS file but with AMIBCP tooll: RFI Spread Spectrum settings from AMIBCP tool

2. PCIE Spread Spectrum Setting (default is enabled, this option is only on/off, hidden from user/invisible in BIOS but can also see it when analyzing BIOS file with UEFI tools)

here is screenshot of the hidden PCIE Spread Spectrum setting:

and here screenshot of same hidden option in BIOS file but with AMIBCP tool: PCI Spread Spectrum settings from AMIBCP tool

3. HPET High Precision Event Timer setting (default is enabled, but hidden from user/invisible in BIOS, can also see this when analyzing BIOS file with UEFI tools)

here is screenshot of hidden HPET setting:

and here screenshot of same hidden option in BIOS file but with AMIBCP tool: HPET setting from AMIBCP tool

Best thing would be if possible to unlock these menus/settings and save changes to a bios file that I can then put on USB and reflash like normal from inside my BIOS,
same method as if I was updating official bios version etc I mean…

PS. PCIE Spread Spectrum+HPET setting is simple on/off option so should be maybe easy, but RFI Spread Spectrum settings seem to be group of options or a submenu,
here only important thing for me is the "main" RFI Spread Spectrum option where you can select from 0.5% up to 6% setting, am mostly interested in testing the 6% option here…

Thanks in advance and kind regards !

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Realized my post was probably way too long and complicated to read, even after Fernandos edit :slight_smile: so I again removed a lot of text and tried to make it much more simple, thanks again in advance and kind regards!



I would to take a attempt to edit this bios , but i’m not sure if my plan is feasible ,but i still need some extra information.
Now ,please capture a screenshot of Settings button’s root and post it.

@genius239 - hey!
thanks for offering help, really appreciate it! first I want to say something I forgot to mention in original post,
my friend has same motherboard and wants also the same changes, but he also has access to a hardware flash programmer tool :

(DollaTek sop8 soic8 testclip für eeprom 25cxx / 24cxx + ch341a 24 25 serie eeprom flash bios usb programmierer.)

so that he can recover the original bios if necessary and if flash process goes wrong, so whatever happens my friend will test first and has fallback option if unsuccesful, so don’t be scared for me!
my friend will test on his z390-a pro first and then use the eeprom flasher if necessary to recover original bios!

he has already successfully managed to recover the bios with his hardware flash tool couple times now, but has not managed to make these changes I want to be successful yet…
(black screen after saving changes and flashing modded bios, because he is not sure exactly how to correctly save the change yet, he is smart guy but just never done this before,
at least he has fallback option and can recover original bios without problem, so that is where we need expert help from this forum!)

Also I can say again, the most important thing is the RFI Spread Spectrum setting that can be set from 0.5% to 6% , and is default 1.5% value right now,
what I would like is basically to just change this from default 1.5% to 6% maximum value , and just save this change to the original bios file, and then my friend could then try to flash like normal from bios utility?
because if it fails for some reason he can always recover bios with the eeprom tool, and only when everything goes OK on his flash I will then also do the same, that is the plan at least!
and maybe later if necessary could try unlocking the 2 other options (PCIE spread spectrum setting and HPET setting) but to start with just this RFI setting change from 1.5% to 6% would be good start!

about your question, I will do anything you ask for! but I don’t exactly understand what settings button root you mean?
in AMIBCP utility? because there I don’t see any "settings" button at least, here is how it looks in main/root menu of AMIBCP on my bios file at least:

(this is with patched AMIBCP version for z390 version to not get error message with "strings exceeded" when loading z390 bios file)

but I get feeling this is not what you mean, if you could explain more exact what settings buttons root means , I will fix it !

also, again I want to stress that for me the only real important thing I want is to set the default "1.5%" value of RFI spread spectrum setting, to be instead "6%" maximum value,
the 2 other optons like PCIE spread spectrum and HPET setting is not as important I think , at least to begin with…

so maybe that will make things easier if it is only 1 setting to be changed?

I mean this specific setting:

if possible to just set the 1.5% default value there to instead be 6% and save changes then my friend could try to flash it like that?
but the best thing if possible would be to fully unlock all the 3 settings of course, I was just thinking this is maybe easier option and method to start with,

but again thanks very much for offering help ! and don’t be scared to test/experiment because again my friend will try first and he can 100% recover original bios with eeprom tool if something goes wrong ! :slight_smile:

I mean that actual settings button you can see on bios screen. On this interface ,you should see a couple of buttons such as setting ,overclocking , m-flash…etc , i need is the settings button’s root screenshot.

hey , I just updated my previous post with some info I forgot to mention,
my friend has same motherboard and wants same changes made, but difference is he now has access to a hardware eeprom flash tool
(DollaTek sop8 soic8 testclip für eeprom 25cxx / 24cxx + ch341a 24 25 serie eeprom flash bios usb programmierer.)

and he has already successfully managed to recover original bios after unsuccesful flash, so just want to say we will first try on his motherboard and only when it is succesful there we will do it on mine as well,
because I dont have this eeprom flash tool, thought this could be good info to know,
but for your question, there is both "EZ mode" and "Expert mode" where more settings are shown , I am using the Expert mode,
I will try to get a picture of this main/root menu and update as soon as I have it!

thanks again for now, cheers!

hey again, here is main menu of my bios in "expert" mode

thanks again!

Please click the Settings button and make a screenshot again and attach.

Settings menu in Expert Mode

Ok~ please remember the currently menu structure under settings button is like this

Try my mod and check whether there are any changes for menu structure.
If yes ,please follow the readme.txt .

alright, thanks so much for the help so far, only thing is I don’t think I will be able to get my friend to test this on his side, and post back results+screenshots of new menus
until maybe tomorrow or day after or so in worst case,

its no stress for me of course but if I can ask you, if I flash my bios now with your mod, do you think it is likely that it could lead to PC not booting / dead motherboard ?

like is the nature of this mod such, that there is a big possibility of it bricking the bios? or should it be relatively safe to flash as it is now you think?

if you think it is a risky mod I will of course wait, until my friend can test and then use his eeprom flasher to recover original if necessary, am just curious you know :slight_smile:

thank you so much again anyway for the help !

can only say no result without test ,and you seems wanna put the all blame on bios moder ? If you’re scared brick please give it up immediately.

This my previous modify experience on a msi board ,but it’s a amd platform.
[Help request] Unhiding SR-IOV menu in a MSI X470 Carbon Gaming Pro Carbon (MS-7B78)

You’re such a chatty ,but no any assists for the modification .To be honest ,i didn’t read your comment fully , i just edit this bios depend on my modify plan ,this plan is made last night when i saw your thread.

hey, hm I think you misunderstand me completely, I am very very very grateful and thankful for your help, I was just curious about nature of mod you know?

I must wait 1-2 days for my friend who has eeprom flasher before we can test anyway, I will update here with result+photos of new menus if all goes OK.

Thank you again!

hey @genius239

im the friend with the flash programmer.

your mod works and that on the first try with m-flash from bios. rly nice job.

3 menus:

that how it looks inside this 3 menu:

the only problem for me is that i still cant see spread spectrum options 1.5% - 6.0%.

but maybe its because i have a i5 9400f non overclockable cpu and that why this settings are still hidden ?

i hope alexander86 gonna have more luck with that.

This bios modification is not finished yet ,so this is why i want you to capture some screenshots.

These three screenshots are relate hidden options that you request (RFI settings , hpet…etc).
I need time to analyze how unlock them.

ok np. i hope it works. wish you luck. you already done a great job by unlock so many options and settings…

everything okay with screenshots i posted ? you can see them all yes ?

  1. The screenshots of PEG Port Configuration and PCH-IO Configuration are not enough , you only capture a part of top bios screen, but i need full capture.

    2. Can you see option "PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking" under sub-menu PEG Port Configuration ??


okay i tried now to capture like that and scroll some down:

PEG Port Configuration:

yes there is "PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking" down there.

PCH-IO Configuration:

is that okay so ?

Ok~“PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking” is not hidden ,so we only left with HPET and RFI Settings need to unlock.

Now try this mod again.
After flashing via m-flash ,check whether RFI Settings and HPET are appear in bios. ,if yes ,please capture again.

.Sub-menu “RFI Settings” is under Advanced > Power & Performance > CPU - Power Management Control > CPU VR Settings

. HPET is under Chipset > PCH-IO Configuration

can see rfi settings but inside it only shows grayed out "rfi domain" to me.

hpet is now unlocked there.