[Request] MSI Z390 Meg Ace New Bios Modding HPET disable IGPU menu show


Can you mod the bios in the link I shared.

My request from you;

Show Advanced Hiding menu
Show HPET menu
Show IGPU menu

I am having a dpc latency problem. I would appreciate your help.

Msi Meg Ace Bioıs version: 7B12v1B1


Hi friend,
use this tool , run it as Admin and upload the result file :


Make the Bios Menu Tabs photo to see your bios tabs and settings ad upload them here …

Let me know

I am going to take over the work of 7B12v1B1,
please wait for my mod.

As far as I know, Z390 ACE has no VRMs for the iGPU. Thus, the iGPU menu is disabled.