[Request] MSI Z690 Edge DDR4 bios mod

Hello, I have a request to the guru of this forum - unlock the hidden UEFI functionality of the MSI Z690 EDGE DDR4 motherboard, i need this to disable HPET, as well as hidden PowerLimit parameters. I will be very grateful.
Link to the UEFI file at the link: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/hsBDvK3eIxJkQA

@ma3uk could you try these, and see if HPET option is visible, and working (if set to disable, it will disabled on hardware, wont be seen on windows, and vice versa)? Tell which one is working for you and post a screenshot on the option (also the directory inside the bios):

link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YUIDvPb…iew?usp=sharing

1.122: Unsurpress
2.122: Swapped default to Disabled
3.122: AMITSE access level to user + visible
4.122: AMITSE access level to user + Unsurpress (might not visible, but give it a try)

I tried all the options, unfortunately none of them opens access to hidden settings.

betwen 1 3 and 4 after each flash do you load optimized defaults, save and exit, and reboot to bios again to see if it’s there?

Right. Before buying the current motherboard, I used the MSI Z390 Ace with a modified UEFI with one of the topics of this forum, so I already know what actions need to be performed after the firmware, but, unfortunately, they did not give results.

I still have one of the versions of the modified EFI from MSI Z390 Ace, maybe it will help: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/INqefJnPR-MWBw

And this topic shows the modification as it looked on the Z390 Ace: [OFFER] MSI MEG Z390 ACE multi-mod BIOS

maybe @genius239 could help


Try my mod then respond to the result.

Thanks! It works great!