[Request] MSI Z77A-G45 with MVNE support

Hi, would like to request a modded BIOS for the MSI Z77A-G45 board. I know there is already a post but the file no longer exists, so was hoping someone else can post a working modded file for this board.


Thanks in advance

Here u go, latest bios with NVMe dxe module, only. As always the use of MOD files is at user own risk.
M-Flash use, Z77A-G45_E7752IMS.2C0_nvme_only

Its up.

Thank you!

can you post a modded BIOS for the MSI Z77A-G45 board once more? file in Z77A-G45_E7752IMS.2C0_nvme_only no longer exists.

Thank you!

//sorry for my english.

Hello you still have the file please

Here you go :



P.S. it is the MeatWar file … (thanks to MeatWar)

How to flash MSI motherboard with a modded bios, does it have integrity check? Or it just flashes without a problem?

Usually there is no problems, ONLY M-Flash method.