[Request] MSI Z87-G41 BIOS with NVMe Boot Support

I have an MSI Z87-G41 system running Windows 10 Pro, I7-4770, 32GB Ram, etc., that I would like to boot with a PCIe mounted NVMe drive, a new Western Digital Black 1TB. I’ve read through the forum threads about modifying the BIOS to allow boot directly from the drive since the original BIOS won’t support that. I don’t have the tech expertise, tools, or experience to make those changes. Can someone help with the modifications?

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Its all here and very well documented: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

You can share then the mod for verification on your preferred sharing service, prior to flash with M-Flash.

EDIT: Hundreds of users have done it, learn and yourself instructed.

Yes, I’ve read through that and other threads. I am hesitant to make the mods myself and saw, presumably for donation, people making the mods so that I can then update modified firmware, etc.

@Matthew Try this mod, just flash it via M-Flash (Bios + ME option if there is any)

E7850IMS.rar (5.85 MB)