[REQUEST] MSI Z97 Gaming 7 UEFI mode headless boot BIOS mod

Hi there. Could anyone help me with modding MSI Z97 Gaming 7 BIOS so it can boot headless in UEFI mode? Currently I’m on the latest beta bios for this board and when CSM is enabled it boots headless but when You switch it to native UEFI mode it doesn’t execute boot sequence unless there is a monitor plugged in… The latest unmodded BIOS for this board can be found here: Dropbox - E7916IMS.rar - Simplify your life

Also, if You could inject latest microcodes during the mod it would be awesome!

Without csm you cant boot without monitor. Its a limitation with the bios because i have tried it with mine.

All the haswell era motherboards have this limitation. Maybe if someone remove all the csm function but i didn’t went so far.


I know, every motherboard on 4th gen and older seemed to have this limitation but im sure its possible to remove it. Its weird its stuck without CSM but with CSM its working well.

EDIT: @Lost_N_BIOS are You still here? :slight_smile:

Bump. Anyone?