(Request) Need driver for my graphics card.


I come from the SevenForums forum. I was referred to winraid.
I don’t know if it’s the right name, but i think my graphic’s card is Intel UHD Graphics 620.

I appreciate any help
Thank you!

Can you install Windows 10 for some tests?


Sure! What do you need me to do?

@zenon : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Which OS are you currently running resp. want to run in the future?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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Hi Fernando
I am currently running Windows 7 x64 bit and would love to run Windows XP on the mobo. There’s a problem though. It just gets stuck at “Setup is starting Windows” after booting to setup via USB. I use the windows xp integral edition image (it has sata drivers)

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I’ve ran into this problem before, in my case it was the XP kernel panicking because of too many CPUs on my threadripper system, I doubt this applies to you though.


what were some of the other causes of XP setup freezing at “Setup is starting Windows”?

Okay, thanks for the informations

We wait for Fernando

@zenon :

For which purpose?
i cannot help you.

Oh, I wanted to know, if you knew any causes , for the freezing of windows xp setup.

@zenon : Since I am not using any outdated Windows Operating System, I cannot help.

1. Download graphics driver version and unpack it by WinRAR.
2. In the folder Graphics rename ki122753.cat to igdlh.cat
3. Unpack my mod in the folder Graphics.
4. Boot Windows 10 in with disabled driver signature enforcement or enable test mode.
5. Install driver as usual: by exe-file or Device Manager.
6. Choose “Install this driver software anyway” when Windows ask.
7. Reboot in normal mode.
8. Make a screenshot of General tab in properties of installed graphics driver.
9. Open Event Viewer and go to Windows Logs->Application
10. Make a screenshot of the last event with a source is Windows Error Reporting and a name is LiveKernelEvent

Thank you

When XP hangs during setup at this place "Windows starts"
there can be 2 reasons:

1.) A BSOD, mostly about acpi.sys, so use other acpi.sys.
2.) A problem with the geometry of the harddisk.
This problem can be solved, when you use RMPrebUSB 2.1.739 for formatting the disk



If I recall correctly, you said using hard disks larger than 2TB can also cause this problem?


Do you have any hard disks larger than 2TB?

Thank you! I’ll try your solutions.

Nope. I do only have an HDD of 1TB.