[Request] Need Help - HP Z820 BIOS bricked

My z820 is bios is bricked (or might be other MB related issue) loud fans etc few guys on HP board have same issues. I bought cheap chinese flasher

Can anyone of you guys check and tell me is this dump corrupted?
its about 45mb. I see here many knowledgeable ppl some someone might know the answer

anddddd I need three posts…

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What lets you think, that a bricked BIOS is the reason for your PC problems?
Did you recently flash another BIOS (original or modded)?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@fernando seen few of these that just got bricked by ppl trying to update bios from OS. Cant remeber but HP bios update was bad and/or ppl putting in other cpus also caused this issue.

Here is the back story:
google "Z820 no post, loud fans, solid blue led" as I still cant post link, thread is on HP official forum

God reason to make moded BIOS and reflash it!
Не русский случаем?

@z820nano : Thanks for your reply.
If it should be a wide spread problem of HP Z820 Workstations, you may get better help with the HP Community Forum.

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thx for quick responses guys

people on HP forums are not willing to mod in any way maybe a few of them (i contacted them will see how that goes)

No russian @Minzak but thats the plan. I saw your post about NVME thats a good mod to have

@Fernando didnt know its case sensitive

Here is the dump (if I did it correctly)

@z820nano : Our BIOS modding Guru Lost_N_BIOS hasn’t been online since several months. So you may not get help from his side very soon.