[Request] Need help to add a CPU in the mobo "supported list"

Hello all!

I have a GA-Z68XP-UD4 (rev. 1.0) that I need to add support for a specific CPU.
In the supported list there are many cpus available however I want to buy an Intel Core i5-3470T that is low on power consumption and I can find cheap localy.

The motherborad has Award bios and I have attached the lastest file, the one I want to mod to add support for the afforementioned cpu.

First of all is this possible?
Can somebody help me do it?

Thank you!

Z68XPUD4.zip (1.62 MB)

Latest bios is Ami and UEFI, recommended to update before trying. Otherwise 3570T and 3770T are listed, they use they same microcode 306A9, I can’t see a reason why this shouldn’t work?

Thank you! I didn’t know and I didnt want to buy a cpu that was not listed and stuck with it! If it is the same microcode I will try and see. Thanks again!

There isn’t a warranty that it’ll work, though. Anyway, you might update to the latest (UEFI) bios.