(REQUEST) Need help with INVALID Model Name, S/N and MTM on Lenovo Y540 bios

Hi, after flashing bios using CH341A programmer, Model name, S/N and MTM is INVALID in bios and vantage is INVALID. I was wondering if someone could please help me with this as i cant do it myself. It would be very much appreciated. I will leave a dump of the BIOS file i used with the programmer aswell as the numbers

Model name: 81SX

Every piece of help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Link to bios file: https:// drive.google.com/file/d/1poNmPq1WRFl0202Vvhktbct-0fKyvQBP/view

Hi friend, could i ask you why you used the CH341a and if you made a Dump before write new file into ? have you all system data you lost , UUID, Serial, etc ?
To recover your Firmware we need to get all pc informations, so it would be usefull ot get a Bios Menu Information Tab photo to see actual info state and the
labels present on pc with all elements (UUID, Serial, Model, Mac, etc) photos too or a txt file with them into.
Let me know

Thank you for answer. Unfortunately i did not get to dump my ¨at the time working¨ bios as i was downgrading it for undervolting support. But i have a dump file of the bios i read that was broken if that is to any help? That is why i used the CH341A programmer, and it worked fine, but it lost the numbers. Anyways i will upload photos of both bios and the sticker on the back. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Even the dump of the bricked bios can be of help, often the bios areas with machine specific information are untouched, so if it’s a valid dump it might be easier to copy/ paste these areas.

I am not too sure if it’s valid but it checked out 4 times on md5 checksum. I will post link to the dump.

https:// drive.google.com/file/d/1AZStOakWpLmtA63CWeydvEq-vbwyQI9m/view?usp=sharing

Sorry, but all "FF". One might check structure with UEFIToolNE, and have a look into the file with a hex-editor, if content could be important.