[Request] nvme bios mod for msi X79A-GD45

My motherboard is MSI X79A-GD45, not the 8G or GD65
BIOS Version: V2.8 (7735v28)
I’m going use NVMe driver to boot windows, but don’t want to upgrade whole system (money issue)
please help~~

@nakit - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…361534776750386

@nakit - I edited in new link, in case you grabbed the first one, use the one above instead, put on USB and do not rename it
Original file link, remove the .rom and it’s same

Thanks a lot!!!
I am going to try sometime when i got nvme driver, cross my finger

@nakit - you can use now, you don’t have to have NVME drive already.