[Request] NVME M.2 for Gigabyte B85M-HD3

Please how to modify BIOS of Gigabyte B85M-HD3 so that it can boot from NVME M.2 drive on PCI Express. The drive is a 500GB Netac.

Its all here and simple: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
You then can share here the mod for further verification of correct insertion of the dxe driver, before the flash.

A lot of thenks

I needed NVMe boot for this board (rev 1.0). I have modded the BIOS and it works, but I’m not allowed to upload it :confused:

edit: now it is possible for me to upload the file :slight_smile:
B85MHD3.zip (4.9 MB)