[Request] NVMe Mod for ASUS P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0 BIOS

Greetings people! :raised_hand:

Would be grateful if someone could do me the favor of modding v1106 — the latest version of the BIOS I’m running, right now . . . in Windows 10.

My M.2 NVMe SSD drive — Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB (MZ-V7S250) is being detected in Explorer but not bootable.

If it’s of any help . . . my CPU is the QuadCore Intel (Sandy Bridge) — Core i7-2600K.

Link to the stock ASUS BIOS v1106

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Why don’t you try it yourself? >Here< is the related Guide.
Good luck!

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Hi @Fernando

Thanks for the prompt response. :+1:

Would’ve loved to be able to try it, myself . . . unfortunately, everything I touch goes bust :disappointed_relieved: — actually, I had read your well-detailed tutorial before starting this thread (had bookmarked it some years ago.)

Thanks also for improving the topic title — it sounds much more precise, now. :+1:

You cannot expect, that I will do the requested BIOS modification for you.
It took me a lot of time writing and illustrating an easy to follow detailed step-by-step Guide and it would finally have been wasted time, if I would do the described procedure on demand myself.
Good luck!

All right then, @Fernando . . . shall try to manage without the PCI-e (NVMe) drive — thank you & have a nice day.

Unbelievable sir… you even recognise the guide is so much better and your answer is “try to manage without the PCI-e (NVMe) drive”?
So if some one doesnt do it for you, you’ll not do it or at least try it yourself?
Can you explain the sudden lack of “need” now on this subject?

It’s really a lack of respect and appreciation for the author of the guide and for the forum, for those who say they already had the bookmark for years…

Sir…why don’t you try it and you can share your mod file here for verification before flashing…like thousands of users did already.

Don’t tell me that afterwards you would also ask someone to come to your house after the mod and flash it for you?
If so please ignore my post…lol

Dear @MeatWar

I am 89 years old and no longer capable of doing things on a computer which I was able to . . . as recently as a decade ago when I purchased this PC.

Actually, in a family comprising of 17 members, we had 11 PCs amongst ourselves — today, the one described on the OP is the last one standing . . . my grandchildren have switched-over to cellphones.

Now, I no longer need anyone to mod my BIOS . . . I’m biting the bullet & switching-over my computing needs to my cellphone — the PC shall be donated to someone needy.

Dear Moderator/s,

Could you please accept my profuse apologies and delete this topic on my behalf — @Fernando I am sincerely sorry for my lack of respect & appreciation of your lovely guide.

Dear Sir… its a pitty that none of those 17 family members were willing to help.
In that case the next operation to flash the mod, also would not make you comfortable with it, because it requires some details and a bit skill to bypass Asus bios security.
Feel free to ask help again if you can sit one of those grandchildren in front of the PC and this out, all the best, regards.

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Yes I know this thread is old but for 89 year old @RaidWin this is a task to be done even if time has passed.
It’s natural for an 89-year-old person to still need computer use…
Because mobile phones have taken our children and grandchildren away from us.
With which device is mobile phone software made?
This question is actually very important.
But someone willingly or unwillingly removed us from the computer, and the arrival of new generations in software did not suit some people.
Yes, yes… We have already accepted this from the beginning…
Actually, it’s our fault.
Maybe each of us will see the age of 89. Who knows?
Your eyes will not see and your ears will not hear.
You will ask your grandchild for help, but he is having fun with his cell phone.
Does he care that you are old?
He was never willing or has no knowledge in bios software code.
Or he has never even heard of these terms before.
Because someone gave him a cell phone and kept him busy.
He does not even know about technology. He will only want the mobile phone to have more processor cores and high ram capacity.
Which mobile phone is more expensive will look at it and buy it in flashy tech stores.
But she will never know what those words mean.
Respected elder @RaidWin I believe what you said is true and your bios file is ready.
I hope the Bios update will be successful and you will come back to this topic and reply.
There are necessary explanations in English and Turkish on how to do it in the file.
File password:ismailTPC_Hastanesi