[Request] NVMe Support for Advantech AIMB-270

Hi all,
Is this old mainboad possible to add NVMe boot option?
If the answer is yes, can it show the full device name, not just PATA?
For implementing this feature, which BIOS rom file should I use to extract the NVMe DXE drivers?

@rxg here is the bios file, downloaded from the web itself and inserted the dxe with mmtool. it is possible since i could open it with mmtool version 4, so your bios must’ve been UEFI compatible with AMI Aptio IV. try to flash this normally. Dont forget to disable CSM if you want to install windows on the NVMe, or use UEFI first for storage boot. NVMe drive must be formatted at GPT, so that it will be able to be installed windows in it.

TL;DR: UEFI bios + GPT drive for installing windows in this nvme mod.

A270V111.rar (3.6 MB)

@Koekieezz Thanks for the quick reply. I noted there were two dxe drivers added - NvmExpressDxe_5 and SAMSUNG_M2_DXE.
Is the latter necessary? It seems only for the specific Samsung model, such as xp941 and sm951.
Unfortunately, the rom file from the vendor official web site is out of date. The current BIOS version is v1.14 on my mainboard.
I would try to re-mod it by extracting the driver from the attachment you provided.

Alright then, you know the drill XD