[Request] NVMe Support for GA-A75M-UD2H BIOS

Can someone insert the NVMe Driver in this Bios? Or is this no Aptio?

Gigabyte doesn’t offer an AMI UEFI BIOS for your mainboard. That is why it is impossible to insert any DXE EFI driver into the BIOS.
If you want to use an NVMe SSD as target for the OS, you have the following options:
a) Buy a Samsung 950 Pro SSD. It has a suitable NVMe Option ROM for Legacy booting in-the-box.
b) Customize the extracted Samsung NVMe Option ROM and insert it into the BIOS (for details look >here<.
c) Use either >this DUET-Refind< or >this Clover-Bootloader< method.

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Thanks. Sounds not so good.
I have a Dell MSI 7748 Mainboard. M.2 NVMe works. But the R5 240 PCIe x8 works not. And i don’t know why. I need 2 PCIe Ports. 1 PCIe x16 for the Graphics Card and 1 minimum x1 for the M.2.