[Request] NVMe Support for Gigabyte Z77M-D3H rev. 1.1

Hello, I need to update the bios for Gigsbyte MODEL Z77M-D3H rev. 1.1 with NVMe SSd PCIe service since my board does not have this service, although Windows 10 recognizes the disk and it is possible to use it, it is not possible for me to configure it as a starting point if someone can help me with this, please thank you

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@carlos :
Thanks for having translated your request.
Meanwhile I have downloaded the latest BIOS 15a, which is offered by Gigabyte for your specific mainboard, and modfied it by inserting the NVMe module named "NvmExpressDxe_small.ffs (there was not enough space for the bigger sized one).
The product of my work is attached. After having unzipped the package and renamed the modded BIOS file to “Z77MD3H.15a” you can flash it at own risk by using the Gigabyte Q-Flash tool.
After having successfully flashed the modded BIOS I recommend to install Win10 onto the NVMe SSD by following >this< thread.
Good luck!

Z77MD3H_modbyfern.rar (3.58 MB)