[Request] NVMe Support for MSI B85-G43

hello guys,any1 have modded bios msi b85-g43 nvme support?

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@atrox103 :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

We do not modify any BIOS on request.
Please read >this< guide carefully and do the work yourself.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@Fernando need help create modded bios, im newbie ;3
i have original bios http://rgho.st/7QGQpfmjj

@atrox103 :
If you are not able to follow my detailed and easy to understand guide, I cannot help you.
If I would start modifying BIOSes on request, I can remove all my BIOS related Forum guides and will not have the time anymore to give any support here.

Did you ever get a NVMe modded bios for your B85M-G43? I have the same MB and have modified a BIOS for NVMe but have not tested yet. I am hesitant since I do not want to brick my MB. I would like to hear some success stories first.

@Lars - If you want, upload your BIOS and link me to the stock BIOS download page, and I will check to see if your mod BIOS should be OK

can u help me pls? i have the B85M-G43

@jhoonaikel - https://ufile.io/ms5eogqq
Flash via M-Flash

is seure?
my browser dont let me download that, was deteted like a virus

it dont broke my motherboard?



@jhoonaikel - Sorry, maybe some ads there causing issue, not sure, I have adblockers on so I don’t see any ads on that site. My usual upload site is still broken this week
Here is two mirrors for you, if these also do not work, please let me know what free upload site works OK for you (Not Mega.nz, I can’t upload there without account)
https://www.sendspace.com/file/6xwmuv - Lots of ads
http://www.filedropper.com/msib85m-g43-7823v39-nvme - lots of ads here too, sorry - be sure to click gray “download this file” button in middle

And no, it wont break your motherboard
You will need to follow all steps at #4 here, in the “This is what you should do” section, after you flash in the BIOS
[Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

It still detects like a virus, but no problem.

Today I bought another SSD (SATA VERSION) in which I installed the system and the SSD (M.2) I use it for fast storage, I bought it because I thought I would not get help from anyone, but thank you very much anyway, seriously, that helps me a lot, when my new SSD (SATA) goes bad I will install that BIOS so I can use the M.2 as the main storage.

It can also be useful to someone else who needs that modified BIOS, because I was looking on the internet and I did not get anything, everything led me here, but it was on a similar motherboard but not the same.

thank you very much for everything <3

@jhoonaikel - You may have too aggressive of anti-virus software or browser protection etc. Sounds like major false positive, unless you’ve getting that due to the ads on page, or possibly because I zipped with 7zip instead of zip/rar?
Do you want me to put in zip as test, to confirm if 7zip is the cause of that? Or, please also give me some free file host you know and use often, I will upload there too instead, in case it’s just due to some ads on these sites pages.
It’s not a virus for sure

@Lost_N_BIOS Just created an account to say thanks my dude i can’t put any sata ssd/hdd my psu burn them only had a nvme on pcie and it worked now i can use this trash pc :slight_smile:

Hello guys!

I also have MSI B85-G43 MOBO, without and “M” letter after chipset variant. And I’m looking for a modified Bios. ser @Lost_N_BIOS uploaded bios for MSI B85M-G43, and I’m wonder if that will be works on my motherboard. Or I need a dedicated one for my MB.

Those bioses and MBs look very similar, I mean Msi b85-g43 and b85m-g43.

MSI B85-G43 support
latest bios version is 3.A (2015-04-15)

bios with nvme support

Thank you very much man, I appreciate that! Actually I just done my modified bios. I was doing that for the first time. And I’m consider if did I it properly.
Could you please check my bios? That is corect?

My mod bios

"Thank you from the mountain"

@Matt23 : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Yes, for me it seems to be correctly done!
Good luck for the flashing procedure!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to modify the bios of this motherboard (MSI-B85M-G43) as explained in Fernando’s guide but when I try to load the bios in MMToll 5.02.0025 I get this message “the input image is not aptio v”.
I downloaded and updated the Bios to the latest version (3.9 2015-04-15) and I’m trying to open the file downloaded from the support page.
Unfortunately the file modified by @Lost_N_BIOS is no longer available because it is too old.
Could somebody help me out?

Thanks in advance

Well if not an Aptio V bios then it probably be a Aptio IV file, ring a bell…??? Seems not…

EDIT: @u31397_VI-.html Your bios mod file seems correct, use Q-Flash.

BAD CARACTER FOR LINKING/NOTIFY the user, the forum is English

Thanks @MeatWar for the tip, it was late and it’s my first time modifying a bios.