[Request] NVMe Support for Samsung Notebook NP750QUA-K01US

I have been trying to install a Samsung 980 ssd using my m.2 drive. Is there anyone that could please help me enable M.2 NVMe compatibility for this laptop?

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Are you sure, that you want to risk the loss of the Samsung warrenty or even a bricked notebook just for the requested BIOS modification?
Are you able to open the case of your notebook, to replace the SSD, to flash a modded BIOS and to get the NVMe SSD bootable as system drive? The BIOS modification itself is not the only problem
To be able to help you we need the original BIOS resp. a Dump of your current notebook’s BIOS Region, which is within its BIOS Chip.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

The laptop is no longer under warranty. If there is another way, I would appreciate the help. I installed the ssd into my m.2 slot, and I can not get it to show up in the BIOS or disk management. I have tried to install the drivers, but nothing. I tried to look up some solutions, but every guide I see requires me to have access to BIOS options that I don’t have on my laptop. According to my specs, I have an M.2 connection with a PCIE 3.0 express connection, which means it should support NVMe ssd. However when I look at the system info, it shows that I have 2 Sata ssd connections. Would I need a BIOs update to fix this issue?


This is not correct. Some mainboards have an M.2 slot, which only support the SATA mode. Vice versa there are M.2 SSDs available, which do support just the SATA mode as well (e.g. the Samsung 860 EVO SATA).

This is the proof, that the on-board M.2 port supports only SATA SSDs.

No, you cannot change the data transfer protocol of an on-board M.2 port by a BIOS modification.