[Request] OC BIOS mod for Lenovo S30 Mobo

Hi everyone I have a lenovo s30 with a xeon e5 2650, this processor has 8/16 but runs at 2ghz and this results in a drastic drop in performance. i need help, i need a way to overclock the processor, the motherboard doesn’t have a setting to do that so imagine i need a modified bios, do you know how i can do that? Currently in the bios there is nothing to overclock: bclk, fsb, multipler…nothing! if you advise I accept everything. if you want more information do not hesitate to ask
- I’m waiting for help
Mobo:fru 03t8420 socrates 1.0 (oem s30 mobo)

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U can use AMIBCP 4.x to edit and see available options that are currently hidden.

Where i can find the amibcp version? Becouse i have an version and it don’t read my bios

NEWS I edit bios and unlock cpu ratio
settings but when i set , for example, 30x the ghz don’t change . Idk what do