[REQUEST] Omen 15 BIOS mod

Hey, I was wondering of anyone could mod a bios for me to get an advanced bios/ option to increase the cpu power limit or mess with the ram timings. I am not very aware of how to share bios files. Its an Omen 15 with a Ryzen 7 4800h and 1660 TI (I have read that ryzens arent the most bios mod friendly). Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

i cant help with bios modding, but there is a tool that allows you to change your ryzen apus tdp within windows. Its called AATU (amd apu tuning utility) i use it on my ryzen laptop and it works quite well. Sadly modding on amd hp laptops is apparently especially hard i tried at open point with no success. If u look up aatu github it should come up (made by james).

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately aatu can’t bypass the 78w limit that has been put into omens.