[REQUEST] Packard Bell EasyNote LJ65 BIOS Insydeh20 Rev. 3.5 unlock


I have a problem with the RAM settings on my laptop but the advanced options are not in my bios.
Can you give me a mod which unlocks advanced options?

I have a Packard Bell Easy Note LJ65-DT-002PL
with an :

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T6600
NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M
Northbridge: Intel PM45 rev. 07
Southbridge: Intel 82801IM (ICH9-M) rev. 03

BIOS: Insydeh20 Rev. 3.5
version: 2.14
Link to the BIOS : bios lj65

I prepared for it : bios recovery crisis disk

BIOS_PackardBell_2.14_A_A.zip (2.48 MB)

@sam34 - Do you have flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip cable? Or, are you saying you don’t care, and think you can recover if bad flash?
I think I can edit correct locations, but I’m not 100% sure.

@Lost_N_BIOS - I do not have but I am willing to take a chance :slight_smile:

Maybe best for you to order and wait until they arrive then, if I send you BIOS and it bricks then brick will be instant and severe and you wont be able to use this system until you can recover it with BIOS recover tools
CH341A + SOIC8 test clip cable is less than $6 total shipped, let me know if you need links to these items on ebay. It’s 3-5 weeks for delivery, but you can find them at other places (ebay too) that will ship faster for more $$

No problem. I have a second same motherboard :slight_smile:

@sam34 - OK then, if you feel froggy we can jump I inspected the BIOS and found 2-4 possible edits to enable power/advanced menus, first BIOS I send we’ll test first two, then if no luck but bootable, we’ll try last 2, then if no luck but bootable we’ll try all four at once.

Use DOS Flashit, and if you get error just trying to flash, show me an image of the error or give me exact wording and I will see if I can edit to bypass.

@Lost_N_BIOS Flash success. Bios starts. No change.

Thanks for quick report back, and happy to hear it’s not a brick! Give me some time, little busy right now, maybe in hour or so I will make another test BIOS for you.

@Lost_N_BIOS ok, thank you for your commitment :slight_smile:

@sam34 - Here is second test, I noticed a few different other things to try now, so maybe we can get it. Also, once the menu sections become visible, they may be empty, but don’t worry I can fix that easy right now only focusing on making them visible first.

@Lost_N_BIOS The second time the same. Flash success. Bios starts. No change.

@sam34 - are you sure it’s flashing, and not just looking like it’s flashing, sometimes this happens? Is BIOS reset when you enter it? How are you flashing, windows or DOS, and if windows what flashing tool are you using?

I will look some more, really surprised neither of those got it, or caused issues, I assumed it would be one or the other (work, or cause some BIOS failure, guess we are lucky for now )


are you sure it’s flashing - yes
Is BIOS reset when you enter it? - yes
How are you flashing, windows or DOS - windows
and if windows what flashing tool are you using? - InsydeFlash

I know 100% because after flashing the default settings are restored

Try reflashing all BIOS I sent you from DOS instead, and from now on always flash in DOS too. Thanks for all the info/confirmations there, I’m still looking around


i am facing same issues with my ram, i tried to upload this new bios but advanced options are not there. Can you try to modify the bios again ?

thank you for your help.