[REQUEST] PBO offset unlock for gigabyte aorus elite v2 b550

hello good day.

i’d like to have my PBO offset increased from max 200

i saw a few threads about a few MSI and GIGABYTE motherboards having a max offset of 500.

and i stumbled across this thread Aorus b550 master f13h bios, possible to increase PBO offset higher than +200 ?

where a user lost the beyond 200 offset when using a newer bios.

i’m currently on bios version F14e. and from what i remember any prior bios version didn’t have a beyond 200 mhz offset. but i haven’t dove into downgrading lower than the version my board shipped with to check,

i’ve attached the zip file with the bios f14e update and the flasher it uses.

i got tools here to revive a bricked bios chip so i can test out the mod’s without much risk.

thank you in advance for the help and info.