[REQUEST] Pegatron IPMSB-GS Cpu Support

First of all i would like to say thanks all of you for your efforts in bios modding.
I want to change my Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2600 CPU with Intel Pentium G2010 Ivy Bridge CPU.
My Problem is my motherboard has h67 chipset and does not support my G2010.
This is my current bios: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opn5h8g9704ntrc/0103.ROM?dl=0
Can you please mod my bios to support my new cpu.
FYI: i tried ubu updating cpu microcodes but no joy. I wanted to consult experienced people. The thing that took my attention is there was no orom vbios for ivybridge in bios file.

Thank you all in advance.

That board cannot support Ivy Bridge. Besides everything else, the ME firmware is at version 7, not 8, and that upgrade can only be done by the OEM which doesn’t exist anymore.

Hello again. I would like to replace Intel OROM VBIOS in 0103.bin with the one in other attached bios file. How can i do that? Can you help me? or Refer me to a post where i can read and learn. Thank you.

You can update RST, LAN and SNB Microcode with UBU quickly and easy. For VBIOS, since it’s mobile, you need to follow the guide by SoniX and the tedious procedure of step by step moving from one version to the next to avoid setting issues. The 2080 version is very old so it will take you some time and effort to get to the latest 2171.

I used OROM Replacer on my bios file. And the result looks ok.
Original: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kiy41flnv9b1nqd/0103.ROM?dl=0
Modded: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8ktt8y6keq7si4/bios1.bin?dl=0

My aim was making my old LGA1155 H67 motherboard to support IVY Bridge. I changed VROM. I Updated Cpu microcodes. I just cant test them right now. But the guys from bios-mods( who are very mean by the way) said that this is not the way to add support to a CPU. What do you think? Do you have any tutorials for my goal to achive. Please. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I think that I have already told you why it’s not possible in my first reply. You cannot use Ivy Bridge on that machine, both BIOS and ME need to be upgraded which won’t happen because the OEM doesn’t exist.


I found this and the “IPMSB-H61-DNS-2100-4M” bios does have ME8 inside so I guess Pegatron did add IVB support for their 6-series before shutting down. That BIOS is for a similar H61 system so maybe if you search around or the pegatron site via wayback machine you may be able to find an IVB compatible BIOS for your motherboard. If the OEM did add support then it will work. The main problem is not so much the ME as the BIOS/Vendor components that need to be compatible as well, something which is only possible by the OEM who has access the the AMI (or similar) BIOS trees.