[REQUEST] Phoenix Bios Unlock Razer Edge Pro

I was hoping to get some help with figuring out how to unlock all the bios variables that are hidden (like overclocking CPU/RAM and voltage controls). Its an Ivy Bridge HM76 chipset mainboard with an i7 3517U so it shouldn’t be too hard to modify compared to newer units. I’m more versed in AMI bios modding so this is fairly new to me (last phoenix bios I modded was back in 2012 lol). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Bios Dump (WinPhlash UEFI) - link by PM

@exomortem , I see Razer has already taken care that the Advanced tab can be seen in the BIOS, but nothing about overclocking there simply exists.

ACPI Configuration
Processor Configuration
Peripheral Configuration
HDD Configuration
Memory Configuration
System Agent (SA) Configuration
South Bridge Configuration
Network Configuration
ME Configuration
Thermal Configuration
ICC Configuration
Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology
If any of them are missing, I can unlock it.

Forms.zip (77.2 KB)

They are basically all missing. The advanced tab also seems to have a few options hidden despite being there. I’ll pm you a copy of the bios.

www dropbox com/s/8nipv7x5c0slmdy/razsredge?dl=0

Apparently I can’t send messages lol. I have a link to the bios I dumped from the board using Winphlash UEFI. Add the periods.

BIOS1.WPH file is your modded BIOS. I don’t know if it can be flashed using WinPhlash, but if it can, it’s even better. Then, this mod can be flashed by any Razer Edge owner, because they won’t lose their serials.

Thank you so much! You are my hero right now!