[Request] Pls Make Driver Collection for Lan & Wifi. Thank you :)

I’ve been using USB 3.0 drivers from some time for offline integration in Windows 7 iso.and its working great.
but windows 7 lacks the drivers for Lan and wifi and I’ve to do many installs on my client’s system.
if only i can get lan and wifi .inf drivers pack for integration that would be great.
i cant find lan wifi drivers pack anywhere (driverpacks site seems dead, their last updated driver pack date is 2012)
so pls make a collection for lan wifi drivers same as you are already making it for usb 3.0, AHCI, raid and nvme.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH :slight_smile:

@ShiningDog :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

I am sorry, but I have enough to do with the collection of storage drivers and to keep the offered ones up-to-date.
If anybody else would be so kind to do it, within this “Other Drivers” Sub-Forum is enough space for such collections…

Hoping for your understanding
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Besides the Win-Raid forums, I use Snappy Driver Installer Origin to help keep up to date with drivers. Note that the “Origin” part is important; it is a fork of the original Snappy Driver Installer project, which has unfortunately gone down the path of bundling unwanted software in the SDI package.

SDIO uses Device IDs to match drivers with your specific devices. It doesn’t cover every single driver out there, but I haven’t had it suggest a bad or incompatible driver either. I’d say it covers about 95% of the drivers I need and the other 5% are specific drivers that I like to self-manage anyway.

thanks for suggestions, SDIOrigin is better than sdi. origin detected more updates for driver than sdi.i guess i’ll be using this now :slight_smile: