[Request] Possible to activate "Above 4G Decoding" for Optiplex 7020?

Hi everyone,

thanks for you awesome work. Thanks to these Threads and explanations i could follow the breadcrumps to here :smiley:

As the Title says i would like to know if its possible to activate/implement the function “above 4g decode” and “Reziseable BAR” ? If yes how much would be the needed effort ?

Thanks for the Information/Help

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I guess its possible, but could you flash the bios region only using software option? i would really like to help if you could dump your own bios region + able to flash it. the .bin for this bios region is about 6MB (Bios only), it’s UEFI but not ami uefi. Here i provide a clean bios for 7020 but added NVME + Samsung AHCI + Rebar DXEs, with bios codename SHARKBAY (check cpuz > mainboard to see if your’s the same). i also left the setup.txt for you to find which option does corresponds to above 4g since i could find it on uefitool but not on the ifr.

7020MOD.rar (3.7 MB)

Hi Thanks for fast reply and help offer

I dont know what a “Bios region” is , but the Bios it self is updateable atleast.

Well if i can find a tutorial here i sure should be able to do so. Ill check out this , this should work out. Ill try this tomorow after i install Windows on the machine (currently running Unraid only)

Thanks ill check tomorow and try flash

Nope in the a.txt file i couldnt find anything that would or could be the “above 4g decode” setting.

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Bios region means the Bios Part only that’s updated, not the whole bios chip content (ME, Desc, GBE, etc.).

I wont recommend flash the bios i gave unless, you are able to flash the bios region only (not the whole bios chip).

Ok That I dont know how to do, you can tell me what to search for to find a tutorial?