[Request] PWM fan control fix for MSI B85M

Hi guys.
I’m new to this forum and this is my first post so idk if I’m doing it right.

So, on my motherboard, msi for what ever reason has set the minimum PWM value for case fans to 50% which is way too loud for idle. I’ve managed to find a way to set it to lower values via software but I’d really prefer to have it set via bios. Could any of you guys take a look at my bios and try to enable lower pwm values.

I have an MSI B85M G43 motherboard. I tired to link the bios but it apparently I need a certain number of posts.


U can use AMIBCP 4.x and edit The Fan Sys 1/2 Minimum Speed percentages, to USER access, will then be available for user control.


Use M-Flash, as always bios mod envolves risks and system failures.

Hi, thanks for your help man.

I did as you said and flashed the new bios but its still no different. The bios has a slider instead of a text field to select the pwm values so I think thats why it didn’t work, the lowest value on the slider is still 50%(I’ve attached an image). Is there anything different that I can try?


U told to use that interface… go to to the manual settings… there will be the same options as in graphical interface.
U people have to realize that when help is asked… we all dont have the same hardware at hand to test/verify.
Even so thats ClickBios4 interface touch the FAN icon, a sub menu should appear for user.
Still if that motherboard bios doesnt have the manual settings, didnt occurred to u to, also access/edit/lower the minimum values displayed in the slider?
If the changes is required in the NVRAM/AMISETUP module i do not recommend it, the chances of breaking the system is much higher…and i will not help no one on this field.

The slider interface is the only way I can find to control the fans in the bios. From looking at ambicp there should be a hardware monitor sub-menu under settings/advanced but it is not present in the bios.

how do I edit the minimum values in the slider? I don’t know how to do that.

ty for the help so far

Never edited any bios sliders, ask the user Genius239, he maybe willing to do it if he can.

This is present in ur bios but envolves advanced mod if possible


in the end i decided the risks werent worth it and just bought some super quiet fans instead.
so i guess this thread can be considered closed