[Request] Rampage V Edition 10 Unlocked Bifurcation Bios


I am seeking help getting a modified bios for the RVE10 X99 motherboard to unlock the bifurcation/PCI-e lane control settings. Ideally I’m interested in being able to run a 16x graphics card in the first slot, a 4x4 M.2 card in the third slot, and an M.2 and U.2 drive all simultaneously off a 40 lane CPU.

I think this is all possible with the settings to bifurcate the third slot, as the board will run slots 1 and 3 at 16x with an M.2 and U.2 device connected.

The latest bios is completely acceptable, and any RAID/microcode/ME/etc. updates that can be provided are also accepted. bonus points if we can disable the ME, but I’m not sure if that possible or what the details are on X99 specifically.

I have a USB ROM chip flasher and am completely capable of taking snapshots to save my current config and/or flash new configs if required to recover. I have already done so on a Rampage V Extreme. I can also provide screenshots of the current BIOS layout. I don’t need the favorites tab. It’s completely useless.