[Request] rBAR for Gigabyte X399 Designare Ex BIOS

Hi everyone, everyone can call me Em​:blush::relaxed::blush:
Can I request custom BIOS for Gigabyte x399 Designare ex BIOS to enable NVIDIA Resizebar?

Below is my Custom BIOS request:
1. BIOS ver F12 + Resizebar feature (for windows 10 64)
2. BIOS F13a + Resizebar Feature (for windows 11 64)

I’m very grateful if someone have it and share in here…
Thank you

Basic Bios are attached

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mb_bios_x399-designare-ex_f12.zip (6.09 MB)

mb_bios_x399-designare-ex_f13a.zip (6.04 MB)


Hallo everyone…
Finaly my motherboard arrive , but I’m not install it to the system yet. I will installing the mobo and all the component after I got the Custom of ver F12 and F13a BIOS with RBar feature.

Anyone who want to help withu request I will give u all my thanks … :relieved::pray: