[Request] Remove BIOS Guard

After I failed flashing modified BIOS into my Intel NUC
[Business request] Intel NUC microcode update (2)

I have decided to order hardware programmer (CH341A).
I didn’t arrived yet. But I’m thinking about removing guard from BIOS so after successful flashing BIOS using hardware programmer I could perform next updates without any issue - with simple FPT.

Could anyone help me with this? Is it possible? Or maybe I’m missing something and guard is not a part of BIOS?

Here you can get my BIOS dump fetched with FPT


Do you know if such BIOS Guard would recognize modified BIOS flashed to the chip using CH341a and cause the computer not to boot?

I did a CPU upgrade from i7-8750H to i9-9880HK and changed the microcode but computer seems to be stuck in bootloop.


In my case after upgrading ucode it booted well. However I only updated ucode to latest version - for the same processor.
In your case if you have changed cpu ucode it may not work. But I don’t have such knowledge.