[Request] Resizable BAR Added to ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 v2.80A

Hi, I thought I was a wizard using UBUTool but this seems complicated based on @prazola 's thread for his Z97 Extreme 9, would @Kuri0 if possible could you whip up a modded BIOS for Resize BAR with 8GB hardcoded (if possible please). I hate to ask for the favor but this looks complicated and I’d like to just try one final shot, not all the interim attempts on @prazola thread.

Desired OS is Windows. Thanks in advance if possible.

Z97Ex6280A.zip (5.4 MB)


here is the final BIOS from the thread
Z97Ex9PciBusFix.zip (4.4 MB)

follow Enabling hidden 4G decoding · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI Wiki · GitHub to enable 4G decoding before enabling resizable BAR with ReBarState. otherwise you will get black screen/no boot problem

Thanks, that’s the Z97 Extreme 9 motherboard, however. Could you modify the BIOS for the Extreme 6 that I have above?


Z97Ex62ReBarPatched.zip (5.4 MB)

rebardxe + dsdt fix + patches applied. you’ll still need to follow Enabling hidden 4G decoding · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI Wiki · GitHub to enable 4G decoding before using ReBarState.

Whoa I got it actually, I hadn’t updated that VBIOS on the card I was using. Thanks.

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I don’t mean to grave dig on an old post, but I’m trying this exact thing and haven’t managed any luck.

Is the process flashing the modified bios, then booting to alter the hex values for above 4g decoding? The modified bios linked doesn’t want to boot for me.

Try this:
Z97Ex6MODs.rar (6.4 MB)

.81 = CAP Header still there (not sure if it it could be flashed, security check prolly from instant flash)
.82 = CAP Header extracted (same as .81, but no aptio capsule)

If flash successful, try to boot with CSM Disabled completely. Then make sure you are in a pure UEFI Boot, then boot to modgrub to change these offset, here are your offset:

So first, after you disabled CSM (bios is running pure UEFI), make sure you understand how to use grub, after that, boot to modgrub, type setup_var 0x1 0x0, press enter, then after it completes (make sure that variable 0x1 status is at 0x0), type reboot, and press enter, it will reboot, then immidiately go to bios again, and boot to modgrub again, this time type setup_var 0x1 0x1 (now set variable 0x1 status to 0x1 which is enabled), then type reboot and press enter, let it boot to windows, and confirm if Above 4G Decoding is enabled in gpuz.

You would need to make a bootable and use bootx64.efi at your bootable folder. Here is the guide, read from number 5 and onwards.

hello bro, can you make similar patch for this motherboard.


Apparently 4G Decoding is already available to enable or disable in the motherboard bios, I enabled it, So I can definitely skip the 4G Decoding part.

Gpu-Z Shown;

i’ve made 1 for Z97-P on the repo, try read this: List of working motherboards · Issue #11 · xCuri0/ReBarUEFI · GitHub

After flash, go to bios and disable CSM, save and exit go to bios again, then boot to modgrub to enable Above 4G Decoding.

It says resizable bar is not enabled in bios but everything else is a yes. I flashed with your bios file shared.

Gpu hardware support check yes
Resizable bar enabled in bios no
Csm disabled yes
Boot from gpt yes
64 bit operating system yes
Windows running in uefi mode yes
Graphic driver support yes
4g decoding is also enabled.

But there is nothing about Resizable bar menu in the bios.

You need to run this app as admin and set it to 32 or 10/11 if you have Polaris x80/x70 4GB cards

you need to make sure that above 4g decoding is enabled (either its a feature in the bios or use modgrub method).

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All right. Done. It is enabled now. Thank you sir. It works. My 5575C can now run Cyberpunk 2077 maxed setting rtx on ultra​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: without fps dropping below 60. This is amazing.

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kindly post a screenshot like this for @Kuri0 data

@Kuri0 here

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Please i need Resizable Bar bios and 4g decoding option for Asus z97-a motherboard, thank you.