[REQUEST/REVIEW] CoffeeTime i7-9700 (SRG13) on MSI PRO B250-VDH

Hi guys!

I bought a 9700, did the pinmod and modified BIOS with CoffeeTime v0.92. I just wanted a second opinion/confirmation that I did the mod correctly, because the new CoffeeTime doesn’t have any “auto update” feature.

- Is the ME version important to get CFL working? I noticed that all the replacement options were older versions than what was in the BIOS already.
- MSI motherboard, with Realtek NIC => I don’t have to worry about MAC address and serial numbers, right?
- I’m currently running a Pentium G4600 (Kaby Lake), so I plan to leave microcodes 906E9 and 906ED. But what’s the difference between the different versions of the microcodes (“DE”, “BE” etc)?
- The guide mentions that I should reboot with “fptw64 -greset” after flashing the modified BIOS - this means I will reboot with the old CPU, then shutdown and switch CPU, clear CMOS and then boot up again, right?

I’m attaching a before/after screenshot from CoffeeTime, and the modified BIOS can be found here: https: // file.io /ufAsUhm5LX3F

Any feedback will be appreciated!