[Request] ROG ASUS G703VI - I7-7820HK - Update EFI-MC


Finally received my Flashcat spi programmer working sweet and smooth

Bios : AMI APTIO V - v310 (Flashcat dump)
Chipset : Intel CM238 Express
CPUID : 906E9
EFI - OROM IRST : (The laptop is running in RAID 0 from factory). Normally I am gonna still use RAID 0 with a partition.

Would like to update MC + Intel EFI - OROM to 17.5.x.x if possible (planning to use intel drivers - verifed they are compatible with CM238 Express chipset)

@Lost_N_BIOS (no emergency when you have time for sure. I am going to travel at the end of month)

Can not post bios here due to size over 6MB so here is a MEGA link (archive password sent to you in private. Please use same password for modded bios later.


PS : Can I use AMIBCP on a modded bios just to enable or disable an option without destroying the bios (like disable boot sound by default) ?

Don’t want especially unlock hidden menus but if better tell me :

- I am interested to be able to change those settings :

"Advanced - Overclocking Performance Menu - Processor - Core Voltage Offset + Offset Prefix (Can not find “Cache Voltage Offset” )

If I can not undervolt correctly from bios don’t unlock anything since I can set the audio boot in AMIBCP

"Blank directory - Setup - Advanced - Animation Post Logo Configuration - Animation Post Logo Audio (to set “Failsafe” and “Optimal” to disable)

@Svan - please rehost to another site, Mega has not been working for me for a week+ now. Tinyupload works well for me.

On the menus/settings, yes, if you want you can change a default setting in place with AMIBCP (visible to you or not, it will be applies, use optimal column and load optimal after flash)
“Cache Voltage” or “Cache Voltage Offset” are not in your BIOS, not even hidden. If you want Overclock Perf Menu visible then you need Advanced swapped mod at minimal.
Animation Post Logo Configuration, you can set this in place if you want - only optimal needs changed as this should be what you load always after BIOS reflash (Load optimal, then change anything you need)

Or yes, hidden stuff can be made visible - I have already unlocked this BIOS for someone else before, so if you want fully unlocked BIOS I’ve already been through all pre-testing and figuring out steps.
I can swap any menus you want, but I cannot increase the total amount (ie if you want hidden advanced, I can swap with original advanced, if you want chipset, something must be replaced by chipset)

So, let me know what you want done after considering above, and then once I can download your dump I’ll do the edits. Leaving in a month? No problem there, edits will only take me an hour or so.


Hey buddy thanx for your fast reply. Hope this one working. It’s Sharemods. If not I will open an account on Tinyupload.

Ok cool but I think I will not use those menus. Just update MC and EFI-OROM (Factory is delivered with 2 sdd in raid 0). If the 17.5.x.x version is not yet available I can wait too

If you can disable the boot audio by default would be great too


You don’t need account to upload to tinyupload, you even get delete link too if you want, no account needed.
Yes, I can disable that boot audio for you too. Will upload mod in little bit


Oh great that worked

Thanx so much in advance you are the best

Yes it works, thanks, I got the file now so you can delete if you want. I will update microcodes, EFI+Legacy rom to v17.5.2.4317 & Disable Boot Audio
If I can ever get the EFI RAID download links to work Got it

In the meantime would lilke to tell you that Flashcat is great. I took the pro version and you can hex edit on the fly and directly write to the chip. The clip SOIC-8 is so much better too. Nearly 1st try to connect correctly.
I did back up like 3 chip in 10 min. Until I found the right one

Nice, I think you can do the same (edit in place) with general CH341A software too. I bet that clip is nice, I’ve been thinking of getting a Pomona one, is that the brand it came with?

There is no brand on it just a “QC Passed” sticker. Pictures of them : Clips. There is one Pomona SOIC-16 looking great and robust.
For sure that make the difference because I tested the cheap clip and it was a nightmare to make it stand on the chip. Didn’t know you can buy pomona SOIC-8 too

Pomona SOIC-8

The black ones in the link (not Pomona) look like the exact same cheap ones from ebay
Yes, the Pomona SOIC8 is one I’ve looked at a few times on ebay

Yes look like identical but when using it today it way day and night

Strange they selling only Pomona SOIC-16 but very happy with the no brand SOIC-8 too.

In the future I will buy Pomona for sure.

Maybe your original cheap one was bad sample? Yes, unsure why Pomona16 only there, maybe/probably it can be used for both (when space is not an issue), and that way they can make more money from people by making them purchase the 16 instead.
I see your image now, I guess they add heatshrink to lessen cables getting loose/ripped off, or maybe they request huge lots with that added. Clip looks exactly the same, maybe different center pin.

Here is mod BIOS - pass = same

906E9 >> Update to latest
RST EFI + Legacy >> Update to v17.5.2.4317
Animation Post Logo Audio >> Disabled at AMITSE/SetupData manually, so no AMIBCP Rebase

That was fast Thanx a lot again. I downloaded it already. I will test tomorrow because it’s 6:40 AM and I didn’t sleep yet
Will give you feedback today

Update : Everything looks great in UBU and AMIBCP

You’re welcome! Yes, let me know how it goes once you have time to test


Flashed and everything working well. I loaded directly to bios after flash and loaded defaults settings. But boot sound stay enable by default. Very strange but no matter don’t want do all again just for that.
(May be because I don’t have access to the CMOS battery so I did it withtout removing it) I tried also hard reset procedure from asus website for notebook with battery :

- Remove AC adapter
- Press and hold power for 30 seconds
- Reconnect AC adpater
- Turn on the power of device

The day I am gonna fully repaste I will take out main board out. I think the CMOS battery is on the other side

Thanx to much again.


@Svan - No need to give up so easily Boot audio can be disabled, just needs to be done in another area instead then (instead of what AMIBCP changes). This is just as easy to edit, if you want it done I can do it for you.
Reset CMOS isn’t going to do anything more than loading optimal defaults.

Here, disabled everywhere now (Setup, AMITSE/SetupData, and NVRAM x3 + x7) -


Great thanx a lot I will flash it now and report again (need to dissably all again ). You can delete the link since you forgot pass

I have a question. I forgot to disable XTU undervolt before doing main backup with Flashcat (default settings were already done in bios since original bios update v310 but didn’t do a reset default again before doing backup).
Does it matter because undervolt is stored somewhere in a chip memory ? (for info needed to set again undervolt in XTU after I flashed the 1st bios mod).

For example I discoverd on the other notebook. If you had set undervolt in XTU and you do a macrium backup (to may be restore it later) and install a full fresh windows, then the undervolt is set for ever without installing XTU,
until you load default settings or update your bios


Update : It’s working 100% you are a genius. Thanx a lot to for your work on the extra missing settings

Sorry I forgot pass, file removed! Do you want me to unlock FD, so you can flash mod BIOS via FPT instead of using programmer always?
Sorry, I don’t know anything about XTU or how it interacts with the BIOS (Or not, I mean, if it even does). From what you mention it sounds like it actually changes the BIOS settings, since it remained until you re-loaded optimal or reflashed BIOS.
I’m not sure what your question is about this though, set it however you want with BIOS or with XTU.

Thanks for report back, good to hear the Boot Audio is now disabled! If you want unlocked FD I can do, then that will be last time you’ll need to program in BIOS.
I can also unlock BIOS (only as I mentioned in post #2) so you can see all settings like you see in AMIBCP, if you want let me know [thuimbs-up]


Hey buddy,

Don’t need to unlock FD to use FPT. I will not touch the bios until there is a major update to do
I think about XTU it’s ok even it may using a hidden hardware memory it’s not in the bios main memory for sure. If it was the case, I will get my undervolt settings back after modded bios flash.
May be it’s a hidden bios reserved memory for XTU. Didn’t found info on google.

Yes sure I will tell you if I need extra. Thanx a lot again


Hi buddy,

I would like to ask you if you have spare time to do the firmware version 312 before I open my laptop to dump the firmware.

This time if possible I would like to have :

- Microcodes updates (CPUID : 906E9)
- Unlock FD to be able later to flash with FTP
- Disable audio boot sound by default

Hope you doing fine, wish you a wonderfull New Year and congrats for your moderator promotion


PS : May be need to move this thread to “BIOS modding request”