Can someone please make a modded bios for this board which lets you turn HPET on or off? Will donate.

Tried to attach z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX BIOS 0707, but too large.

Hard disable for HPET is also fine. Thank you!

@soundinkmusic - Here you go, changes are in Advanced >> PCH Config.
If they are still not visible, one more edit needed, but it will probably make a lot of things visible. Hope you wont mind, if it comes to that
Do not rename the BIOS file, flash it via USB Flashback - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…883755490084893

@Lost_N_BIOS Amazing! Thank you so much! I’ve been using this BIOS for months now without any issues! Having HPET disabled does actually improve the latency of the entire system.

Can you please give me the same option to disable HPET on the latest 1003 BIOS for this board? I tried to attach the BIOS but it’s over the 6 MB limit.


I’ve sent you a donation for the previous BIOS and will donate again. Thank you so much.

I don’t know why manufacturers of motherboards insist on having HPET in the bios at all, windows10 doesn’t use it, it’s an old intel compatibility layer that’s dead today in modern os’s, they have their own built in far superior timers with much less latencies.

@soundinkmusic - You’re welcome and thanks for the report back Sure thing, will do new version for you!
If you want to send a donation to me personally/directly, send a PM my way, or tell me to send you a PM, so I can give you how-to donate to me info

Here is new mod, flash via USB Flashback

@POE_UK - I agree, and it’s even more silly to hide it from users!


any chance we can get a reupload for this apex xii bios 1003 with hpet disable menu?
the link is dead sadly, i would gladly donate if it could be reupped or redone.

best regards

Its user own files and last login was back in January 2021, so not archived on Win-Raid forum.
Search similar methods on the forum


i saw in this topic that there was a modded bios for the apex xii that disables hpet but the file is sadly no longer available.

would it be possible to modify the bios 1003 and add an hpet enable/disable option?

would be really thankful and donation would be done also.

best regards


try >this< (use flashback method)

thanks so that is 1003 with hpet option to enable/disable?
and where do i find it in bios?
is it in pch config or where is it?
just wanna make sure before i flash it

I flashed the 1003 m12a.cap but the Option for hpet is nowhere to be found.

@Sladenlol @MeatWar
Since it doesn’t make sense to keep within the “BIOS Modding Requests” Sub-Forum 2 different threads about the exactly same topic, I have merged both threads and removed the superfluous off-topic posts.

Can nobody help?

Add hpet enable/disable option?

Yes please

Advanced -> PCH Configuration -> High Precision Timer.