[Request] Samsung R425 enable hidden advanced setup menu

I have a laptop with “phoenix securecore” bios. I installed ssd to it - pretty good wd blue 240gb. alas, it’s performance is low, as for me.
sure, laptop has sb710 southbridge with only sata-II, but what’s strange - people have various results, say, in crystaldiskmark 4k q1t1 test: while I have a result of 12-14MB/s, others users (with SATA-II controller) have twice higher results: about 27-28MB/s, which is normal for this ssd drive.
after little search, I found, that on user from japan could improve his 4k q1t1 result by bios update. he has relatively low linear read, but I beleive, that single thread 4k random read is more important.
alas, “phoenix securecore” seems to have no separate ahci module to update, and I had little success with phoenix bios editor - it doesn’t build bios back after modifications made. but, when I switch to “setup table” in bios editor, it shows additional menu, which is not shown in bios setup, called “Sys Info”, with “Advanced chipset control” in it. maybe, some of this settings will affect ssd performance? at least, they are not optimized for ssd drive, as it was not very popular back in 2010.
I also tried known keys combinations for enabling hidden menu, but no success: bios somehow reacts when I switch on numlock & scroll lock - it shows bios version with minor numbers, and it makes “pilim” sound instead of regular “beep”, when I press F4 in setup, but doesn’t show “advanced chipset control” or “Sys Info” menu snywhere.
I will be happy if somebody can solve this.

bios.zip (695 KB)