[REQUEST] setup_extr.txt HP 1030 G1 bios dump

I need the setup_extr.txt for this bios
You’ll get the .bin in a folder once you run the .exe

I want to use setup_var to change EFI variables and bios config.

I don’t know if it’s “Insyde” or “AMI”…

I tried UBU Tool but I can’t get it…




Or any link with help so I can try to generate the file myself.

Search for the setting you can normally observe when entered in BIOS UI using UEFITool. Let it be “Save & Exit”. In Unicode formatting.

So such a setting may be found existed in some module.

Extract the IFR of the module that contains Unicode strings found.

Hi @Sweet_Kitten

Thanks for your reply.

This is the BIOS .bin of the update

I want to disable C states, but I don’t have the option in my BIOS, and I also I want to turn off USB-C charging and switch ACPI version if possible… because my laptop doesn’t entirely shutdown…

I tried searching for USB but I don’t know how to proceed…

Sorry for bothering you, plutomaniac. Just quoting.