[Request] [Solved] 306E7 Ivy Bridge-EX Xeon E7 v2 -> X79-DELUXE

306E7 Ivy Bridge-EX Xeon E7 v2 → X79-DELUXE ? It can be done ?

The mCode (For X79-DELUXE ASUS):
306E7 Ivy Bridge-EX Xeon E7 v2
For :

Can it be entered into the X79-DELUXE BIOS?
What happens if I put it on?
I have seen on the ASUS site that the X79-DELUXE list does not include the Xeon E7.

But here : SABERTOOTH X79
https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/solved-help-modding-uefi-bios-with-x79-or-c602-chipset-lga2011-all-need-to-know-for-using-ubu-with- sabertooth-x79/31793?u=true
It is used:

" …
7 - Update Intel CPU MicroCode
IvyBridge-E CPUID 0306E7 - 70C
… "

and there is no Xeon E7 here either.

The “Flash via USB Flashback”, It doesn’t work anymore, for me. I had to buy, and now:
I have a low cost XGecu Programmer.

14 - 01 - 2024
I added all (all 12 mcodes) for Socket 2011 (LGA).
(Existing mcodes … remained as they were)
ONLY in (Vol. 2) with MMTool (and insert), in her Bios
ASUS x79-Deluxe.
Works properly.

Best regards.

@Dioskouridis Hi, if you read this someone says:

first of all ,even though xeons e7 say they are compatible with lga 2011 , they actually use lga 2011-1 ( not 2011 , not 2011-3 : the pin layout is different ) . so no , it won’t work…

[Edit] Apparently Intel refers to each as:

2011 = Socket R
2011-1 = Socket R1
2011-3 = Socket R3

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Hello @Dioskouridis,

Check the CPU support page for your board here

Wiki page for Ivy Bridge Xeons here

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Thank you @68k-dude 68k-dude.
I learned information, which I did not know.

Best regards.

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Thank you @chinobino chinobino for the clear information.
You saved me from suffering, and experiments.
Best regards.

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@Dioskouridis You are very welcome :slight_smile:

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This mCodes work , in M/B ASUS x79-DELUXE.

A few years ago, i put all 12 mCodes with UBU.
M/B x79-DELUXE did not start.
They were included in Vol.3 to 6.

I wonder if M/B , ignore or not ignore,
the 12 mCodes located at: The Vol.2.

Best regards.

19 - Jan 2024


What do you know?
What do you think?

I wonder if M/B , ignore or not ignore,
the 12 mCodes located at: The Vol.2.

Best regards. To ALL