[REQUEST] some PTT for ASUS Z170-A maybe?

Hello, my first post here and sorry for it being a request already…
I have a good ol’ ASUS Z170-A board here with the newest BIOS 3802 on it and powered by a Intel Core i7-6700K. This BIOS can be obtained here:


I saw that some guys here seem to have skills with some unnamed BIOS Tools, like the one here: win-raid.com/t9088f54-ASUS-h-m-d-r-BIOS-modding-request.html What is it? UEFITool looks different, that I know already ^^
Yes, I know that my board has a 14 pin socket for a TPM module, but it’s rather stupid to have a nice feature and it is just not available because the manufacturer had no interest in it.
Yes, I already did a forum search and found this guy’s post: win-raid.com/t9091f39-Cannot-enable-Intel-PTT-TPM-at-ASUS-Z-A.html But this is no request I would say

So my request would be trying to enable PTT and in the best case keep the external TPM support active for the case that PTT still fails afterwards.
If the modder finds other things interesting in that BIOS, feel free to enable these too of course ^^


I tried enabling PTT HW SUPPORT with AMIBCP. Now I have the menu PCH-FW. You can select dTPM or PTT. Selecting PTT and saving/resetting causes nothing to show up TPM wise in Windows AND the setting is reset inside UEFI. So… this does not help here. At least that alone does not.

Solution on post #12 of this thread

Cannot enable Intel PTT (TPM 2.0) at ASUS motherboard

Not work(asus Z-170a)